The Stephen Memorial Award for Books featuring Cats of Distinctive Character.
For 2019, we are partnering again with Cat Chat, a registered charity which provides online homing services free of charge to cat rescues across the UK. Cat Chat has been running since 2000, and estimates that they source homes for over 10,000 cats every year. For each book entered, we will donate £1 of the entry fee to CatChat. Each donation enables them to help more cats out of shelters and into homes.

The Rules

The boring but necessary bit. This contest is meant to be a bit of fun, but there are always some people who don’t get that, so here are the rules covering it.

Entry Criteria:

  • Must feature a cat (with distinctive character) as a supporting or lead character.
  • Length: 500 words – 500 pages.
  • No erotica.
  • English Language only.
  • No more than three books per author.

This contest is open to any book that has been listed on or books that were not but have been published after 1st January 2017.

Any books submitted must be available (not in pre-order) on Amazon, Kobo UK or Smashwords, which is where review copies will be taken from.

Entries are not permitted for books written or published by friends or family of the judges, or by Ragged Angel Ltd due to its I.T. association with the site. Books that have already won a previous award are not permitted.

Entry Fees:

  • First book – £1.50*
  • Second book – £3.50* (total £5)
  • Third book – £5.00 (total £10)*
  • *For each book entered, we will donate £1 of the entry fee to CatChat

Plus cost of book, if the book is not free*. Payment may be through Paypal or vouchers (We can’t take vouchers). Entries and Payment must be received by 31st July 2019 12:00pm GMT. No late entries will be accepted.

*Kindle Unlimited discounts are not free.


  • £100 voucher for Amazon UK
  • Online (printable) certificate
  • Web badge
  • Catnip mouse

Three Runners up:

  • £25 voucher for Amazon UK
  • Online printable certificate
  • Web Badge

Judges: Our normal reviewers.

Judging criteria:
Initial sorting will be done by:

  • Formatting
  • Spelling and Grammar (British preferred, American or international acceptable as long as it is consistent throughout)
  • Cover
  • Distinctiveness of cat.

The final decision will be made by the judges.

Entry Period:

  • 1st May – 31st July starting and ending at 12:00 pm GMT
  • Winner Announced – 1st October 12:00 pm GMT.


  • We may review books we get as part of the promotion on Bookangel for our site and newsletter.
  • All decisions are final and the judge’s decision is not open to debate.
  • Abusing reviewers results in instant disqualification.
  • No correspondence will be entered into.
  • There is no cash, credit or other alternative to the prizes offered.
  • This contest will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.
  • We will attempt to contact any winners for up to three months after the contest is over. After that time if we have been unable to contact them, any prize will be donated to the chosen charity
  • We reserve the right to update these rules, Terms, and Conditions for this competition without notice should we deem it necessary.

Privacy: Your data will not be used for any purpose outside this competition, and will not be transferred to third parties.

Competition Entry:

To enter, enter your name and email into the form below, along with the link (URL) to your book on AmazonUK, KoboUK or Smashwords.