2019 RunnersUp

Stephen Memorial Award 2019 – Runners Up

The competition contained many excellent stories and cats of distinctive nature. The standard was high and left us enjoying so many new stories with cats of all types and demeanours. However, the three chosen contained the cats who stuck with us the most and are the runners up for 2019

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Cat(s): Serenity, Silence, Speed, Solace, Stealth and Strength.
Story: Curse of the Jenri

Tander thought he was a swordsman, only to find out he is a powerful sorceror, with a familiar. Or in this case six kitten familiars who know his power better than he does. Without their help and bravery, he was never going to succeed.

Awarded to Six Kittens, for guiding an unwitting sorceror through his early steps and helping to rescue his wife.Stephen Memorial Award 2019

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Cat: Cecilia
Story: Cecilia’s Tale

A young cat on the streets of Jerusalem who finds her human family and then grows up to have one of her own.

Awarded to Cecilia, for learning to survive and thrive in this world.Stephen Memorial Award 2019

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Cat: Pillow
Story: Summer of the Missing Muse

Pillow has her owner, not to mention any cat-sitters, well and truly under paw. As the ruler of the roost, when her owner is at home, crime-writing and murder solving come second.

Awarded to Pillow, for ruling the roost and ensuring that everyone, owner and visitor alike, knew it.Stephen Memorial Award 2019